Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the whole except the sole

I don't really think in colors. Weird as that maybe, but I've been applying that to my wardrobe too from last year. Besides, who needs color anyway when you got black leather and transparent plastics haha! Oh yeah and btw I'm now obsessed about pairing sneakers with formal trousers.

hat, tee, and accessories - h&m
jacket - far east
necklace - DIY
trousers - custom
shoes - adidas

photo by carlo

Saturday, February 23, 2013

a bouquet of heads

With this new year, I managed to start on a couple of new things. One of them is this new tumblr that I started as a way for me to exercise my eye in design, as well as to show my longtime obsession with skulls and bones, but most importantly to have fun.

The idea for this little project is not about joining the skull icon's rise to the top of the trend ladder. It's about how I want people to change their perception of the skull's imagery by putting them into different contexts, thus creating new meanings in the process.

Enough of my conceptual talk, you can just go to abouquetofheads.tumblr.com and see what its really all about.

Friday, February 22, 2013


1st post in 2013! wooohoo! Not gonna go all out today paying back all the time I've been unblogging, but since I'm in quite a good mood I'll give you this photo of me with one of my custom hats that I made for my studio class project back in November. I'll probably post some more of them later, but let's see. I guess, y'all just have to stick around to find out :p

shorts - custom
shirt & necklace - h&m
crop top & rings - d.i.y.
boots - dr martens