Tuesday, October 18, 2011

marina bay sands fashion night 2011

Marina bay sands held their annual fashion night with events going on all around the area. Including fashion show all around the mall, haute couture gown exhibitions, and sales from various shops for one night only. Me and my friend, Sasha just happened to have a free time, so we decided to check it out.

The haute couture gown exhibitions features the fantastic creations by talented designers such as Alexis Mabille, Stephane Rolland, etc.

Then, we head off to the Louis Vuitton store to see what people have been buzzing about for the past few months.

The navy theme went through all around the corner with application of wood texture and knots for display. The artworks that further represents the store's Island concept is amazing, which includes looped computer generated animation of an abundant white boxes moving like the ocean waves, series photography, even a sculpture of a plastic island covered by ceramic mini pandas.

Then we head outside the see the spectacular night scenery with all the beautiful lights and everything.

Awesome day for sure. Major sneaker + apparel release at limited edt, including few of the latest adidas x jeremy scott edition <3 Then the models, the exhibition, the view. Looking forward for the upcoming fashion shows (If I could get my hands on those tickets *crossing fingers*) as well as the same event next year.

denim shirt and acid wash jeans from Indonesia
lego ring by me
metal rings and necklace from SCAPE
faux plastic casio watch
H&M fitted cap
Adidas x Jeremy Scott shoes

new obsession: accessories

Ever since I'm in Singapore, I started to notice something. That is the fact that this town got some pretty cool accessories to look out for. Especially for the ladies, the opportunity for going berserk over the gazillion accessories available is almost inevitable. For guys, you just need to pay attention more closely and be more daring, step out of the box, be creative.

I know guys don't always like to accessorize. But if you're bored with the same old t-shirt and jeans look, why not try to step it up?

Here are some rings that I got from a weekly bazaar at SCAPE. I especially love the double finger rings, just because they seemed rather unusual. As well as the armor ring because the model Cole Mohr is also wearing the exact same thing In the photo I post above. Haha! coincidence much.

I even made my own creating using lego, which had been a favourite medium of mine for quite a while (notice the lego I used in my earlier work, see last picture in this link)

Just have fun and try to think outside the box. Hope you guys would try it too!