Tuesday, July 31, 2012

bloggers do it better

Just before I was sick, I managed to attend a blogging workshop held by NYLON. It was a great learning experience for me, to understand a new perspective of the 21st century fashion world with insights from Anindya Devy, senior fashion & beauty editor of NYLON and a few top Indonesian fashion bloggers.

Aside from very helpful tips & tricks, I also learn how blogging could extend from just a fun hobby into a real job like becoming writers and even fashion designers. Thus, what better way to explain that then by having the NYLON team picked 5 blogger-turned-fashion-designers to showcase their collection as installations for other mall crawlers to enjoy.

My favorite brand from the ones that were showcased during the event is LESS.AND.MORE. The brand was developed by the super edgy Heidy Kalalo of fashion-maverick. What I love about their clothes is how its very much suited to my approach in styling these days. Classic clothes with a sexy twist. Like the black formal pants with grey lining to give a sport-luxe feel to it, which I absolutely adore! And after a lovely chat with the designer and her assistant, I'm 100% a fan :D

Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY collar necklace

Being sick these past few weeks was definitely a bummer, especially with the fact that I realized my holiday is closely coming to an end. However, since I'm feeling way better now, I'm keeping my promise for that DIY post I hinted earlier this month.

I saw these fantastic collar necklaces from bond hardware a while ago, and I was inspired to make my own version of it. All you need to prepare is your very own statement item, and an adjustable chain necklace to hold it.

Materials you will need,
- 2 wallet chains
- 1 connector ring / jump ring
- Your choice of statement item
  note: it could be a small brooch, or even a door lock. Try anything, and have fun with it. Just make sure that it has an open hole or an
  area in which the chain hooks can be attached.

Here are the steps,
1. Connect the first chain with the ring, based on how low you wanted the necklace to hang above the collar. The closer you get with the hook end, the higher the necklace will sit below the collar.
2. Do the same with the second chain.
3. Attach both chain hooks with the statement item.
4. Voila!
     note: you can always adjust the length of the chain necklace depending on how you want the piece to suit your outfit

shirt - 16DS
skull brooch - Kandura
 denim shirt & leather jacket - unbranded

Monday, July 2, 2012

back to nature


The Goods Dept is moving to another location and to celebrate it, they held a closing sale. If I was able to be there earlier, I might have bought a denim vest that I had been targeting for a while but it was too late. Fortunately, I still manage to get this awesome moss top by Nikicio. A quirky t-shirt/short-sleeve sweater with knit lining, and added zipper details. Looking forward to more unique creations by the designer, especially with their upcoming fashion show in mid July.

night outs

Either with college projects or busy internship schedule, a little time off from the laptop screen is a great sigh of relief! That's probably why I have been missing my weekly refreshing walks around Orchard road that I can't exactly have here in Jakarta. Although in return, I can have my fun night outs and catch up with my high school friends that I haven't seen for months, which is awesome! To those who are also on holiday, have a blast!

shirt - unbranded
t-shirt - gap
jeans - topman
necklace & bracelet - H&M
creepers - haji lane

skeletons in my backyard

Here's another round of quirky accessories that I bought recently, a resin necklace from mannequin plastic and a ceramic brooch by kandura. The funny thing is, both coincidentally have this mutual theme of bones. On a side note,  I did some alterations to them. I replaced the original thick rope from the necklace with some chains. While for the brooch, I'll be turning it into a collar necklace. Keep a look out for the DIY post soon!