Tuesday, July 31, 2012

bloggers do it better

Just before I was sick, I managed to attend a blogging workshop held by NYLON. It was a great learning experience for me, to understand a new perspective of the 21st century fashion world with insights from Anindya Devy, senior fashion & beauty editor of NYLON and a few top Indonesian fashion bloggers.

Aside from very helpful tips & tricks, I also learn how blogging could extend from just a fun hobby into a real job like becoming writers and even fashion designers. Thus, what better way to explain that then by having the NYLON team picked 5 blogger-turned-fashion-designers to showcase their collection as installations for other mall crawlers to enjoy.

My favorite brand from the ones that were showcased during the event is LESS.AND.MORE. The brand was developed by the super edgy Heidy Kalalo of fashion-maverick. What I love about their clothes is how its very much suited to my approach in styling these days. Classic clothes with a sexy twist. Like the black formal pants with grey lining to give a sport-luxe feel to it, which I absolutely adore! And after a lovely chat with the designer and her assistant, I'm 100% a fan :D

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