Sunday, January 29, 2012

walking on air


Assignments have been starting to pile up, and I know its gonna get worse for the next few months. Since its only the beginning few weeks of the semester, I could still spend my weekends having some fun around town. 

A dear friend of mine, Raisa asked me to go this flea market, yet we ended up spending the afternoon going around museums. Not just the spectacular artworks exhibited, which includes some by Monet and Van Gogh just to name a few. The National Museum of Singapore also seems to be having giant balloons in front of their building for some reason. But it was a nice touch. Who knew that some cheap balloons can spice up such classical British architecture of the museum

Just like the museum, I'm also changing my look. If you know me, sleeveless shirt and fedora is a new thing for me. But I guess I just need to give it to try.


hat - cotton on
shirt - DIY
shorts - custom
creepers - haji lane

a quiet storm

After postponing for a while,  finally I'm getting a new haircut. I decided that life is too short to live it ordinarily. I want to try to live to the fullest. And the perfect starting point is in updating how I look.

I've rarely wore anything with a muted and calm color palette. So I take out my oxidized iron like print shorts for a walk around town, along with my new suede oxfords that I designed, and my givenchy-inspired diy necklace (I know, it doesn't really resembles the keyring lanyard from ss12, but that's where my inspiration is from and I'm not going to be a copycat), to give a slightly toned down look from my usual outfits

So if you're starting to feel bored for no reason, why not give yourself a little makeover. It could be just the little spark you need to make your day a bit more fun ;)

shirt - G2000
necklace - DIY
shorts - flamingo
watch - unbranded
socks - converse
shoes - custom

my first pair

I've been waiting for this moment for so long, and I can't believe its here. Say hello to my very first pair of shoe I designed!

With the continuous worldwide craze over creepers since last year (which includes myself as a fellow participant :p), I wanted to have my very own interpretation of thick-soled brogues/oxfords. So here you go, in blue suede with a touch of brown leather lining.

if you're interested in purchasing
please notify me by posting a comment
thanks! :D

Thursday, January 26, 2012

all about the details

Its chinese new year, which meant a super long weekend for me! Even though I've only been in Singapore for 3 weeks this year, doesn't meant I want to miss out an opportunity to see my family and friends from back home. Rather than being stuck in my dorm for 6 days in Singapore (as you all should know that during this time of the year, everyone stayed with their families so many shops are closed and the city is so quiet like never before), I decided to go for a little vacation with my family and hang out with my dearest friends :)

polo & necklace - DIY
shorts - custom
shoes - unbranded
ring - far east
watch - swatch x jeremy scott

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lets be a kid again

Holiday is over and I'm back in Singapore again for university. Going back to school again meant saying goodbyes to some of my friends and family again that makes me feel a little blue lately. So I tried my best to be positive about everything.

Thank god for my super fun rendezvous this week end with my best friend as she dropped by in town, it definitely cheered my up :D


polo - unbranded
shorts - vans
shoes - river island 

pop the bubble

My previous set of pumped up posters have been more about those digital manipulation. But I look back at my magazine scribbles and inspired to do some more pop art influenced artworks.

Pop art has been undermined in the past yet somehow overly used in this present day, yet exposing it without getting in touch with its true essence and stand point in social criticism. The art movement had been known towards criticizing commercialism, just like by how Warhol uses top commercialised products (i.e. the coca cola or the campbell's soup) in some of his works. It also evoke some sense of paradigm shift by promoting a less 'art'-sy technical approach in creating the works, like Lichtenstein's usage of comic-style illustration.

Thus, in a way, opting the pop art approach fits in perfectly here. My initial idea of recreating some of this ad campaigns is in the same spirit of pop art to recreate what can be stated as art.

Friday, January 6, 2012

re-work it!

Like you've seen before, with a bit of patience and creativity, revamping posters could be quite fun. Here are more of my works as I promised before.





No need to go all fancy schmancy on this. Basic photoshop skills would do.  Just find a good stock image to work with, and let inspiration come to you :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

goin bananas for prada

To start the new year, I'll be making up for my lack of fashion-related posts lately as I promised.

Just so you know, I've not always been a huge follower of Prada, but lately I just fell in love with most of their collection somehow. A favorite of mine is definitely the minimalistic-baroque meet quirky mexican monkey summer 2011 collection.

and I can't get this song out of my head too,
its, 'mirando' by Ratatat

Instead of just drooling over the pics of the heavenly wingtip brogue creepers, I decided to turn my fascination into artworks

and more works are coming soon, I promise :)