Sunday, January 29, 2012

a quiet storm

After postponing for a while,  finally I'm getting a new haircut. I decided that life is too short to live it ordinarily. I want to try to live to the fullest. And the perfect starting point is in updating how I look.

I've rarely wore anything with a muted and calm color palette. So I take out my oxidized iron like print shorts for a walk around town, along with my new suede oxfords that I designed, and my givenchy-inspired diy necklace (I know, it doesn't really resembles the keyring lanyard from ss12, but that's where my inspiration is from and I'm not going to be a copycat), to give a slightly toned down look from my usual outfits

So if you're starting to feel bored for no reason, why not give yourself a little makeover. It could be just the little spark you need to make your day a bit more fun ;)

shirt - G2000
necklace - DIY
shorts - flamingo
watch - unbranded
socks - converse
shoes - custom