Sunday, January 29, 2012

walking on air


Assignments have been starting to pile up, and I know its gonna get worse for the next few months. Since its only the beginning few weeks of the semester, I could still spend my weekends having some fun around town. 

A dear friend of mine, Raisa asked me to go this flea market, yet we ended up spending the afternoon going around museums. Not just the spectacular artworks exhibited, which includes some by Monet and Van Gogh just to name a few. The National Museum of Singapore also seems to be having giant balloons in front of their building for some reason. But it was a nice touch. Who knew that some cheap balloons can spice up such classical British architecture of the museum

Just like the museum, I'm also changing my look. If you know me, sleeveless shirt and fedora is a new thing for me. But I guess I just need to give it to try.


hat - cotton on
shirt - DIY
shorts - custom
creepers - haji lane


  1. nice creepers

  2. wonderful colour on you, and kudos for the creepers