Thursday, February 2, 2012

fall 2012 - givenchy

Bravo Ricardo Tisci! Once again you managed to make my heart melt even more with each new collection from Givenchy.

Lets start from the pre-fall collection. Revival of the rottweiler print and the similar striped boots from 2011 is nice to see. But the additional leather cap and the whole gothic surfer vibe (domination of blue color from denim and such, as well as the shark tooth necklace and the shark print) is just amazing. And don't forget about the kilts. Its becoming a standard for Givenchy's menswear collection.

The American dream meets minotaur collection proven just that. Kilt in black, or denim, or leather, or even covered in printed stars. Ricardo is giving examples of how kilt is properly done, like paired with the star printed bomber,  or a loose sweater or with a classic blazer.

But what was even more amazing was the details in this collection. The bedazzled two tone sport jacket and beaded suit and shirts is to die for. Not to mention the nose ring attached to each model walked down the runway. The beast is unleashed!

Although in the more wearable area, the actual beast are the shoes. Its like a morph between an air yeezy and a brogue! Truly a fantastic creature indeed.

And for the ladies, here is the fall couture collection, which we all can only drool over and imagine seeing them with our very own eyes.

Where should I start. The leather cropped jackets? The gigantic fierce earrings? The return of the asymmetrically-hanged-by-a-chain skirt from the summer collection? Or the fact that the setting looks like a high school gymnasium?

All I can think of is that, fantastic job Ricardo! you've outdone yourself once more


  1. Man. How I would love to wander trough Ricardo's mind - these designs are gorgeous. I love Givenchy. Thanks for sharing!

    Puck //