Thursday, February 9, 2012

studded cap

A few friends of mine had been asking about this particular accessory of mine recently, so I decided its worth a post.

I'm talking about my studded cap. And before anyone ask anything, Its a DIY. I made it back in December. I've been crazy about anything studded for a while. Since I somehow cant seem to find it any where, I decided to make my own (just like the studded collars on a few of my shirts I posted before). Although for this cap, I was inspired by katie eary's snake new era cap from her ss11 collection (which accompanied by one amazing fashion film, check it out!).

So, there's no reason to go all ordinary on your headgear. Embrace your inner wild side!


  1. Love your studded cap!
    A great way to vamp up an old item.
    And studs never really go out of style, right? :)