Tuesday, February 28, 2012

blue sky and sunshine

As I told you guys from my latest post that Singapore had been raining quite a lot recently, but not today. It was all clear blue sky and sunshine! So I spend some time hanging out at this semi-rooftop garden in front of my new place. And considering how I've been obsessively wearing black for the past few weeks, I decided to wear something a little more cheerful to celebrate the nice weather.

hat - cotton on
shirt - thrift
shorts - custom
watch & socks- unbranded
shoes - river island

I'm not very good in knowing what season it is. Because if you've never lived in southeast asia, then you'll never know how unpredictable the weather could be. But since most parts of the world are preparing to embrace the spring season, I guess I'll do the same and so should you! Go out and don't be afraid to wear your bright colors :)


  1. Genius idea, taking an upclose of the plants to place the outfit shot on top. Don't mind if I steal that idea in the summer ;)

    The shot with the blue sky is beautiful though

    1. no worries! I'll be looking forward to see that post then :p