Saturday, March 3, 2012

lovely bones

It's been a while since I post any of my work, so here is some of my watercolor illustration.

I'm personally obsessed with any skull illustration. Although I'm not entirely on board with the typical gory and horror interpretation in the likes of tattoos and its association to death. I think of them with a different set of mind.

Our bones is what I consider as our identity. Maybe my obsession for watching the crime-investigation tv series 'Bones' for the past few years had a lot to do with it.  As Dr Brennan played by Emily Deschanel identified a victim's race and gender just by observing the bones, it led me thinking. The very bones underneath our flesh are like our very own mold and true identity. Because no matter how many botox injection a houesewive had, she still remain physically old.

But its not about the flaws, the beauty of our bones is in how it reflects who we trully are not who we pretend to be. That's why I reinterpret skulls to be more cheerful. More towards Mcqueen's diamond skull print from the SS09 'natural dis-tinction un-natural selection' collection. So, expect to see more skull-based illustration in my next few post.

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