Monday, March 12, 2012

british invasion

Hearing the good news from a dear friend of mine, Raisa, I was very ecstatic that the collection has finally arrived in Singapore. Yes, I'm talking about the collaboration of Topshop and Mary Katrantzou. I have been drooling ever since Dazed&Confused posted the film by Nick Knight of Karlie Kloss in one of the dress from the collection.

Since I find that there was a lack of publication regarding this launch, I assumed there wont be a large crowd similar to the Versace for H&M launch. Oh Boy! was I wrong or what! I came in just 15 minutes after the store opened, and most of the clothes were already swept away. In addition, there was another surprise that I didn't saw coming. Turns out, the launch also included the latest Topshop Unique SS12 collection and the Newgen 10 tees as well. Seeing this, without any pause I browsed through whatever was left from the hungry crowd (which happened to had been queuing since 8am). I still manage to spot some tees from Newgen range. I was torn apart from choosing between the Ashish sequin print tee and the Gareth Pugh geometric tee, but I decided to go for the Gareth Pugh. Yes, there are some problems with the quality for quite a pricey tee but it is all worth it. I mean, come on, where else can you get any clothes by Gareth Pugh for sgd70!

The nice surprise from this purchase was that they attach a brief personal interview from each of the designer. I never knew that Gareth Pugh had once consider to be a blimp designer and used to dream to become a dancer. For someone with a strong and serious visual aesthetic, he seemed to be quite a cheerful person.

And with every purchase of the Mary Katrantzou collection or the Newgen tees, came with a little floral tote bag as a souvenir. Finally, my quest for a decent floral item has now showed a more positive outcome :p

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