Sunday, March 11, 2012

plastic fantastic

As you can see from my latest post, I've been sporting a new accessory that is my plastic bracelet. The whole plastic / transparent trend have been going on for a while and is still is. Starting with Charlotte Olymplia's transparent clutch to Jeremy Scott's purple plastic kilts. Even the fall 2012 collection from Chanel still preserve this trend in the form a gorgeous tinted hexagonal prism clutch with crystals bursting out on the exterior. So I decided to get on board the plastic fantastic train

For those who have the budget to go all out on this, Its up to you. But considering my wallet have been deeply scared for the past few weeks due to continuous shopping, I decided to get a little creative. From few trips to the craft stores to buy materials for my school projects, I came across a few transparent items including bolts, latch, and the 2 containers.

To made my collection of transparent accessories, its quite simple.

For the bag or folder carrier, I decided to add a velcro strap to made it more exciting. I was inspired by Nikicio's acrylic clutch from the Mixte Vol. 6 Collection. Which by the way, have some amazing pieces, including a fantastic acrylic skate deck.

For the bracelets, you will need
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pen/marker
  • super glue
  • ornaments of choice
    • latch
    • bolts/screw binder
    • hinge
  • transparency paper  
    • note that the thicker ones would be more durable

here are the steps,
  1. Cut the transparency paper into strips. Depend on the circumference of your arm and how thick you want it to be. I made in around 5 x 17 cm
  2. Mark where you want the bolts / screws to be placed
  3. Cut out a circle with around 0.5cm diameter from the the center of each mark
  4. Do the same for the opposite end
  5. Insert the bolt / screw binder through the holes, and then tighten accordingly
  6. For the latch, glued the separate parts on each end of the transparency paper strips
  7. For the hinge, cut the paper strip in half, and glued the hinge to reconnect them again

The possibilities are endless. Studs and rhinestones could be a fun applique as well for a more fancier look. So go on, try it at home!

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