Sunday, February 26, 2012

more fw 12

Aside from being a loyal fan to jeremy scott and givenchy for the past few years, there are other fashion houses that have got my attention as well. Prada and Jil Sander are in my list of ones-to-watch but I'll talk about them later. For now, I'll just be showing you guys my favorite shows for the fall 2012.

Thank god for Mary katrantzou! once again she gave us an unbelievable collection. I've been a fan since I stumble upon her first collection few years ago and I fell in love ever since. For this year, her prints seems to be a sophisticated twist upon our basic everyday stuff. She managed to transform the very humble items such as pencils, typewriters, watches, and even spoons, to be gorgeous prints. You'll be amazed at what you can find the in details on all the clothes. If you look closely, the 3rd look is actually the buttons of a typewriter but modified to look like old fashioned mobile phone keyboards.

KTZ, another fellow london-based designer like Mary that I've adored for quite a while ever since I saw their clothes being worn by several eccentric k-pop artists. What I like about them is that always able to present a very edgy collection to the serious fashion world. This time, they went towards a darker path then usual by opting to use ceremonials symbols as the main inspiration. Other than that, I also like the fact how the designer refer back to the english tradition with appearance of the kilt and the tartans. In addition, the application of wresting champion buckles and chains on the thick-soled shoes is superb!

I have to be honest, Proenza Schouler is not always on my list. But for this show, I had to relocate my jaw after being dropped to the ground for a few minutes while browsing through the runway photos. Yes, people have argued that the looks on the show had several similarities with Balenciaga. But still, it was a fantastic collection to see. This collection, the proenza boys looked far east to see for inspiration. Aside from the obvious japanese prints on some of the dresses and jackets, even just the quilting technique and the cut of some of the jackets reminded me of tatami and samurai's clothes.

There you go, those were some of my favorite collection for the fall 2012, what about yours?

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