Sunday, January 8, 2012

pop the bubble

My previous set of pumped up posters have been more about those digital manipulation. But I look back at my magazine scribbles and inspired to do some more pop art influenced artworks.

Pop art has been undermined in the past yet somehow overly used in this present day, yet exposing it without getting in touch with its true essence and stand point in social criticism. The art movement had been known towards criticizing commercialism, just like by how Warhol uses top commercialised products (i.e. the coca cola or the campbell's soup) in some of his works. It also evoke some sense of paradigm shift by promoting a less 'art'-sy technical approach in creating the works, like Lichtenstein's usage of comic-style illustration.

Thus, in a way, opting the pop art approach fits in perfectly here. My initial idea of recreating some of this ad campaigns is in the same spirit of pop art to recreate what can be stated as art.

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