Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIY painted shoes

Back with another DIY post, I'm continuing my experiment with painting fabrics. Since my trial with the jeans wasn't exactly a complete success to me, I decided to try with my old shoes. I've had these pair of shoes for years. It is such a shame if I had to dump them, yet at the same time even donating them wouldn't seem appropriate considering how damaged they were. So I'll try to give some new life into my old shoes.

 Materials you will need,
- a pair of old shoes
- white wall paint
- water
- brush

Here are the steps,
1. Untie any shoe lace to make it easier to paint
2. Use the brush to paint all surface of the shoes
3. Apply a bit of water to thin out the paint
    note: the thicker the paint applied, there will be more cracks developed all over the shoe surface

Wear them around your house for the first few times until all the cracks appeared beautifully, as you don't want to be walking around some party leaving a trail of dry paint. But after a few days, it'll be just fine!