Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New start: Singapore

It's been almost 2 months I've stayed in Singapore. Going to university had been nerve-wracking at first. You know, the whole meeting new people, getting to know the new surroundings, coping with the new amount of work load and all that. Although I'm glad that it was hectic, rather than boring. Because through all the craziness that happened for the past few weeks, I found myself to be in a considerably interesting place.

 my new school: Lasalle college of the arts
with their awesome futuristic building

In which I hope it could always inspire me in many different ways. Probably just as much as Lasalle's inspiring architecture.


  1. You and the university seem like you were meant to be... because from the architecture, all I see is Ahmad Ahmad Ahmad. Haha! Srsly! I'm glad you're having fun. Hopefully things will get more fun as the years progress. ;)

  2. hahahha, oh I wish that would be true :D thanks Lulu!!! I hope you'll have more fun too in uni! :)