Saturday, September 24, 2011


Great news for southeast Asia, H&M finally opens right here in Singapore. The excitement was definitely visible from the lengthy queue inside the store ever since the 1st day, or from the amount of H&M shopping bag that you can spot being carried around by people all over orchard for the 1st week of opening. I know it was just a shop opening, but I do check out the place on the 1st day, just to fulfill my curiosity.

1st day of H&M opening

The queue was so long, me and my friends weren't even dare to try to get into the waiting line. So instead we just go around orchard to look for some other fun things to do. Although in the next few days, I finally had the opportunity to check out the store as my friend from high school visited me :)

late lunch @ bugis junction, with Abby
before we head to H&M
and a little bit of accessories shopping 
 photo by Abby

A week after that, I actually accompanied my friend to go to H&M again, and another group of friends again on the following week.

dinner @ itacho sushi, ION
before we went to the movies
and rushed to H&M before closing time :p
me and my tokidoki fitted cap,
baseball jacket by starscross (from Indonesia),
and giordano t-shirt

With total of 4 visit just this couple of weeks, I think that H&M is okay. Too bad though I didn't found many items. I was going to buy 2 caps, but they didn't have the black color with my size. So I settle for 1 awesome blue cap :)

fitted cap by H&M

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