Tuesday, November 22, 2011

scribbles over magazine series


I’m done for the semester, so I’m enjoying freedom :D With nothing to do, I gather some left over magazines I found and make a bit of some artworks inspired by a more sophisticated vandalism, such as the dadaism art movement. The attempt in sophisticating vandalism may come through my use of paint and markers (instead of the standard spray paint) or from my chosen subject matter that gravitates towards the world of fashion. Maybe its sort of my own contribution, to show people that we should recognize the limitless capabilities in the world of art.

One might always thought of graffiti as just an act of vandalism, but they forgot about the craftsmanship and the ideas on those imagery splattered on public walls. If you're one of them, please be more appreciative of other human beings? You might be mocking them before, but you can see now that Zevs' dripping Chanel illustration or Stephen Sprouse's LV graffiti bag had been quite a big hit.

So here's a bit of my own interpretation on such act of 'creative deconstruction' combined with some elements of fashion to give birth to a wide range of new ideas.

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