Sunday, September 23, 2012

on the move

First things first, obviously my blue hair has faded. Even after my attempt to color it grey, it only lasted for 2 weeks. So I just accept how unpractical it is to keep up a particular artificial hair color. However, I'm also accepting how addictive hair coloring is, haha.

Another thing, I've been digging the whole sporty look recently. It can be quite tricky, but what I personally find useful is to juxtapose it with something traditional and toned down like a classic button down shirt. I just love the contrast, and sometimes even how surreal it looked, but that's when it becomes fun! :)

top, polo & necklace - H&M
jeans - topman
shoes - adidas
bag - DIY
gold ring - hardware store


  1. Yeah...I think I love you and your style. You have everything I am looking for when discovering new blogs. Followed on every social network I own.

    1. the feelings mutual! :) Its my pleasure to entertain new followers. I followed you back via gfc & bloglovin.

  2. Great attire, my friend!
    Hope that you´re having a great day.