Sunday, December 18, 2011

PMR cube exhibition

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of updates in the past 2 weeks. Ever since I'm back in Jakarta, I've been trying to do as many things as I can to make sure I'm being productive in this holiday season (instead of sleeping all day like I used to :p)

One of the things in my priority list, was to check out current art exhibitions around town. Not just to keep me busy, but because I love it. I'm always the happiest when I'm surrounded by art. No matter its my own art or other people's. The anxiousness you get right before you enter a gallery space, the 30 second jaw-dropping moment when you saw an awesome artwork, and the thrill when you get the opportunity to meet and have a talk with the artist. Its addicting for me. 

For the first exhibition of many more to come, I first visited the exhibition held by PMR Cube @ sampoerna strategic square. With a focus on contemporary culture, more than 60 artworks combined of artists and fashion designers, creating one spectacular and memorable exhibition. And here are some of the works exhibited

cant get enough of the jelly bean face

motorcycle made out of paper

 chromagraphic print

 yup, this 5 photos are from just 1 single artwork

 this giant sculpture made entirely of cassette tape

3 looks adorn by buttons as appliques

It was quite an interesting concept to brought fashion designers into the space as well. Just because one doesn't work with paint on canvases or sculpting marble, that doesn't mean they're not artist. These days, the word 'artist' have less limit than ever before and this is something to we need to acknowledge, accept, and embrace.

Because for me, an artist is categorized by the his or hers formulation of idea and the resulting physical and non-physical (e.g. sound, atmosphere, and feeling) embodiment. Like the chromagraphic print, which for me evoke the idea of alter-ego through the fantastic photography technique and the resulting ghastly ambient created from the printing technique. 

So which one is your favorite? and why?


  1. Mine would be the follow us follow us follow us artwork. Why? Hm, sesotoy gue itu stencil ya? Or whatever the kind gitu. I like how the artist repeats it and makes a kind of an irregular pattern. And because of the bright colors. And of course, because of the idea itself.

    Btw Mad, awesome blog! Can't wait to see you this Saturday!


  2. thanks for the comment bel!
    and yes, I cant wait to see you too :D